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Our Goal is to exceed your expectations

Our vision

We aspire to become the leading Training Organization in the region, known and recognized nationally and internationally for excellence in aviation training, while providing an innovative, professional and welcoming environment that inspires growth, personal and professional development and ignites a passion for lifelong learning.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide flight training with the core values of safety, quality, integrity, and value.

We measure the success of our ATO not by revenue, or flight hours, or number of pilots produced, but mainly by our ability to inspire safe, competent, and proficient pilots in the most efficient manner possible.

we have no limits

Profesional Pilot Licence

(Frozen ATPL)

Enables you to fly as pilot in command of a private aircraft.
Added to your PPL, grants you the privilege of night-time flying. 
Fly on your own or with your friends, in a structured program, to build up your flight hours.

Gain experience on a twin-engine aeroplane. 

Study for the theoritical examinations that will lead into your frozen ATPL.

Experience the non-visual flying both in the simulator and our fully equipped aeroplanes.

Finally, become a qualified professional pilot by successfully completing the CPL course.

Be ready for airline employment, by getting qualified to fly in a multi-crew environment.

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