BSc in Aviation Management

General Introduction

Airlines and Airplane Fleet operating companies require their pilots not only to have excellent practical airplane handling skills, but to be able to perform well and to be competent managers of their crew, be in a position to analyse and decide on organisational issues facing their command and intercompany relations, as well as to be able to take on management positions and to lead departments and projects in airlines during the course of their careers.


The BSc in Aviation Management (with Commercial Pilot Training) degree aims to reflect the changes inherent in the dynamic aviation industry and to prepare students with the skills and knowledge required both to work within the aviation field and to attain the necessary qualification for a frozen Airline Transport Pilots Licence (ATPL).


Students should choose this programme if they are seeking to study an exciting course which will give them the opportunity to qualify for a frozen ATPL. The programme was developed with input from industry professionals, and it focuses on trends shaping the aviation industry today and for the future. Its delivery is varied and student interactive, whilst knowledge and skills are tested through a diverse menu of assessments. The programme is forward-looking and will remain fully responsive to the ongoing changes taking place in the dynamic aviation industry.


Enrolling in a management degree, in which pilot training forms a major element, is beneficial to both the student and their future airline employers. Student's employability skills are enhanced by gaining a thorough understanding of the commercial and operational challenges facing the constantly changing aviation industry, and an understanding and recognition of how pilots can affect profitability and contribute to the bottom line through issues as diverse as conserving fuel on the one hand and exhibiting excellent customer care on the other, which are now integral elements of any airline's employment interview. Increasingly airlines are looking to their flight crew to be more than the "traditional pilot" and are calling for pilot applicants to demonstrate commercial nous in addition to the ability to pilot an aircraft.

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